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When Can Children Sit In The Front Seat Of The Car?

Car accidents are an unavoidable cause of death. In America, car accidents are one of the biggest contributors to child deaths. However, this can be minimized by ensuring the safety of children while driving by using the best car seat from https://adviserbaby.com. Instead of sitting in the front seat, it is safer for children to sit in the middle seat of the car. Of course, supported by the use of seat belts and the right car seat, the impact in the event of an accident is certainly not too fatal. Then, when is the child felt able to sit alone in the front seat of the car?

1. When can children sit in the front seat of the car?
All children weighing under 29 kg or 13 years old should sit in the back seat of the car. Experts even advise parents to delay the transition from the back seat to the front seat until the child is a teenager for safety and security.

2. The risk of the child sitting in the front seat of the car
There are so many risks of a child sitting in the front seat of a car. Here are some of them:

• When a crash occurs, the airbags deploy in less than 1/20th of a second and travel at speeds of up to 200mph. The force of these airbags can kill, decapitate, or cause head injuries to children sitting in the front seats.

• Since children are less likely to stay in their seats and sit closer to the dashboard, the airbags do not have enough room to fully inflate before reaching the child.

• The lightweight of the child allows the inflated airbag to lift them from the seat and cause their head to hit the ceiling of the car.

• Children sitting in the front seats sustain airbag injuries even in low-speed car crashes.

3. Safe use of rear-facing and front-facing car seats in the middle seat
Infants and toddlers should sit in the car seat in the center car seat as this is the safest place. The car seat is placed facing the rear. After the child reaches a certain age, the position of the car seat can be changed to face forward. Use the car seat until the child’s height and weight are within the permissible limits stated on the car seat label.