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The Cause Of Allergy and How To Avoid Allergy Season Illness

To better explain what allergies are, let me start with one of the many examples of allergic reactions. Do not bring pets, dogs into the house. Three months after bringing the dog in, my mom started having a sore nose and throat and a runny nose. One of the children in the room also starts having heart attacks and coughs, especially when the dog is in his room. The rest of the family (dad and other children) had no reaction (symptoms of allergies) to the presence of the dog regardless of the degree of contact they had with the dog. This is how the immune system goes into overdrive and causes allergic reactions when people with allergies are stimulated by an allergen read more in https://www.youmustgethealthy.com/2022/03/tips-avoid-symptoms-allergy-season.html.

What happened was that the mother and one of the children in the house (the dog was brought in) were allergic or developed an allergy to foreign substances in or on the dog. Therefore, the manifestation of allergy symptoms in the mother and one of the children. But my dad and the other kids don’t or haven’t been allergic to the presence of dogs. Foreign substances (such as dogs) are called antigens. Antigens are substances that can trigger or stimulate the production of antibodies. Antibodies are produced by the immune system. The immune system is the body’s organized defense mechanism against foreign invaders (antigens), especially viruses. Antigens may or may not cause an allergic reaction and the resulting allergic symptoms. Any antigen that causes allergic symptoms (or an allergic reaction) is called an allergen. The role of the immune system in our body is to mobilize its defenses at the site of invasion or disease to destroy the invaders, foreign substances (antigen or allergen if it is cause allergies or symptoms). J

After the exposure period, further exposure to the allergen (such as dog dander or the allergens listed above) leads to a reaction to the allergen and immune cells that are covered with IgE or activated. he knows it. This causes the cells to release different chemicals inside them, such as histamine. These chemicals, in turn, cause inflammation and common symptoms.